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So you kept chasing for solutions up to this point? Anyway, this article on Infinix hot 5 power problem solution is intended to ease your pains while solving problems resulting from a totally dead infinix hot 5 power issue. I will be showing you how to handle power related issues in mobile phones with respect to the circumstances under which these problems do occur with focus on possible causes and solutions as this problem can sometimes drive you crazy and even make you want to smash the damned phone against the wall! Alright, lets see now if the solutions here helps to bring down your high blood pressure!

What Is Power Problem?

A power problem is when a phone shuts down and is unable to power on, its like you feeling your strength going a way like G+ (GooglePlus) and suddenly you passed out as if it was a joke! This situation is very annoying especially if you have important information or data you have not backed-up for one reason or the other!

Generally speaking, there are a lot of reasons why a phone could become dead, thus necessitating a power solution. To rescue such phone from the “underworld possession”, you will have to give it a “chameleon approach and gorilla attack” at the same time like someone in world war 2! So let me show you a list of possible causes and solution for Infinix hot 5 power problem and the likes. They include but are not limited to the following:

Possible Causes Of Infinix Hot 5 Power Problem

  1. Production Fault: Production related faults are one out of many possible causes that necessitate dead phone power solution. This happens when you buy a smartphone only to find yourself going asking for warranty considerations. This is why companies should be flexible about this policy as users might feel cheated or feel they just bought an “Aba phone” if they are not compensated accordingly.
  2. Water Damage: This is when a phone experiences water splash or falls in to it or any other liquid that conducts electric current. “You know sometimes our phones too do feel heat and want to enjoy the pleasure of cold water at the slightest opportunity though we don’t want that to ever happen! Liquids, especially H20 (water) that conducts electricity will easily convey electrons that will eventually create a chemical reaction with the battery leading to explosions and damages to internal components on the phone’s PCB or the logic and power unit of the mobile phone. When this happens, “you don buy market be that”! 25% of phones fixed at Cute Mobiletech are water damage related and are very challenging though good recovery successes have been recorded!
  3. Bad Phone Chargers: Non-OEM chargers that falls short of standard specification are also one of the known causes of charging problems we have found to be part of the pack for those that are patronizing “bend down select” (inferior chargers). Although, sometimes it could be as a result of using a faulty charger which may still be an original one.
  4. Faulty Components: The mobile phone is only mobile and handy, but is also like a PC. It is a system of its own kind and has so many parts that are inter-dependent. When one component is bad others could become affected and later may result in further complications that could temporarily or permanently shut down a phone! Components that may necessitate a dead phone power problem solution may include parts like. Shorted diode, bad fuse or (R22), Shorted capacitor, power IC, CPU, network ICs  and so on.
  5. A Hard (Sharp) Fall: This is the most common cause that necessitate dead phone power solution. Most users will at one time or the other experience the falling of phones when least expected, and when this happens, possibility are that some components that controls power and the logic units might become faulty and halt your phone from performing smoothly. A hard fall, especially on a hard floor is detrimental and could result in dead phone. When this happens, you will have to choose between your children’s school fees and your handset from the next month’s salary if you are a user as GSM experts tend to charge high for this kind of problem!
  6. Corrupt Firmware: The firmware are the program instructions that controls and give the phone a “life to live”! of course a corrupt country is a dead and lifeless entity. When the firmware is corrupted by viruses or malicious apps, your phone begins to misbehave like a lunatic! things could go bad or even worse in this situation thus resulting in a dead phone.
  7. Wrong Stock or Custom Flash Files: Wrong stock or custom flash files can result in a dead phone when they are flashed in to phones they are not meant for. This is why a firmware’s ID needs to be cross checked before flashing process should commence in any case. Most dead situation during flashing Mediatek powered devices like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, and some Samsung phones arises from flashing  a wrong “preloader file” in to the flash memory.

Are There Possible Solutions For Infinix Hot 5 Power Problem?

Frankly speaking, when it comes to solution to power problem, there is no one clear cut way to achieve this. The only way we know for now that is working for us is the “ancient path”, called “troubleshooting”, so if you are ready to fix that power problem, you will have to get ready for “shooting with your weapon”. Oh, don’t get it wrong, the weapon am talking about is your problem finding tool. That is why you can’t be a successful GSM repair expert/technician if you have not mastered the art of using the multi-meter and other machines meant for this purpose.

Some problems referred to as power problems are really not power problems per-say, but just a minor switch problem. A switch problem just needs one to fix or replaced.

How To Troubleshoot Infinix Hot 5 Power Problem

Infinix hot 5 power problem and phones generally is a common phenomenon. The main goal of troubleshooting a mobile phone is for problem solution. To troubleshoot properly, ask the following questions as if you are a Medical Doctor attending to an unfortunate patient:

  1. Did the problem happen shortly after buying a new phone? Then go for claims of warranty. Due to faulty production, one could get a form of compensation.
  2. Find out if it was caused by water or other liquid substances aside the ones that don’t conduct electric current. If it was caused by water as the case is mostly, locate the areas affected and clean up using a cleansing agent like ethanol-alcohol, Isopropyl or menthylated spirit which dries up quickly. After being heated with the rework-station or dried up in the sun, the phone should power on if it’s a minor case otherwise you will have to keep checking for short or open circuit or shorted components that could be responsible for that power problem using a multi-meter.
  3. Find out if it was caused by a bad or faulty charger. To do this, use the multi-meter to check if the current the charger supplies is above 5.0v and 2500mAh (2.5Amps). If the current voltage on the meter is unstable, that’s also a signal to watch. Look for the power diode close to the battery terminal area where you see points like VBat, BSI, GND and so on. Shorted power diode could cause power problem if affected by chargers or other causes. A normal power diode should allow current flow in one direction and not back and forth like the zener charging diode. If caused by a short,  then replace the shorted diode or strike it out.
  4. Find out if the phone was previously flashed: If you have found out that the phone went dead after a flash, simply get the right firmware and re-flash back. If you don’t know what flashing is all about, you can learn about software level repair here and that could help in resolving the problem.

Description of the problem:

This infinix hot 5 Lite x559 became dead after it was plugged to a solar powered radio player for charging purpose. It Got dead due to power surge and as a result a diode was shorted, after a hard time troubleshooting for the likely source of the problem, I managed to discover the spotted shorted power diode under the silver protective cover.

Infinix Hot 5 Lite X559 Power Problem Solution

In conclusion, dead phone power problem solution is all about good troubleshooting skills with the right mind and tools.

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