Free Mobile Phone Flashing Software Tools You Can Maximize For Repairs

If you are looking for All Free Mobile Phone Flashing Software tools For beginners And Pro, you have landed in the right hub! Flashing phones can be fun but sometimes can be hell, and that’s when you rushed in to it without adequate knowledge of the does and don’t!

Many at times Phone users and GSM technicians who have downloaded several frustrating phone repair software tools do wonder and ask if there ever are working and free mobile phone flashing software tools with which to fix phone software issues without paying a dime? Well the answer is a big “YES”!

Most of us naturally prefer free stuff right? I was once like that too until I grew up! By the way, one can’t underestimate the power and usefulness of some of these working ones from reputable companies which will be included in this list.

Back in the days, I battled with some of these tools before mastering their power and turning them in to my slaves and using them to make “cool cash”! It will even amaze you to know that most guys in the industry are now going for good and perfectly working but paid cracked version of the big name software repair boxes, I will give you links to the site as we proceed in these exposition if you like, and I suppose you do.

Cracked version of software tools became alternative to expensive software repair boxes due to economic challenges faced by the community, thus generous software engineers ventured into reverse engineering making sure a way of surviving the hustle is carved out anyway!

Now, having said all of that, before going into using any of the softwares in this list, you should learn about flashing smartphone leveraging on every good tutorials you can find on the internet including CMT of course! Yeah, you heard it clear. A couple of tutorials on flashing Mediatek chipset based phones, Spreadtrum chipset based phones have been dealt with here already and you can check them out in highlighted links or search box.

Before downloading Free Mobile Phone Flashing Software tools, you need to understand important things about phones and the processor that powers them such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Huawei’s Kirin, Mediatek Chipset, Spreadtrum, Apple Bionic Chipset etc that powers the different phones so that you know softwares tools for them and how they can be applied in different cases as all phones are not serviced the same way or with same method!

SP Flash Toolfree mobile phone flashing software-SP Flash Tool

SP Flash Tool stands for smartphone flash tool. It is the official Mediatek software repair tool that has great features. With this cool tool, you can flash recoveries like TWRP and others, you can read and write both stock and custom firmware in part or whole.
SP Flash Tool returns a tone of error warnings and that’s when you aren’t getting some stuffs right. With a couple of research it can help you a lot. See how to use SP flash tool here.

Research Download ToolResearch Download Software Flashing Tool

Research Download has been one of my favorite tool that I often use for tackling Spreadtrum devices. This tool works without stress if you know how to use it. With a bit of research, you can lord over it. Just like the SP Flash Tool, they come in different releases of updates as newer phones land in to the market. Learn how to use the tool here.

Xperia CompanionSony Xperia PC Companion

This is a very effective tool for flashing or updating Sony Ericson phones, the only issue here is that the software works online for unlike the others though you might find offline ones too. Once connected, the latest update will be downloaded via internet then automatically flashed in to your phone to fix any software issue or bug. You can download this software and use for free. Am sure you will find this helpful if you like it. The software as a very simple and user friendly interface that guides you through the process.

Samsung Odinsamsung odin

This is Samsung’s own official software tool for fixing bricks or doing any kind of software repairs. I have enjoyed this tool for flashing both Samsung’s Qualcomm Snapdragon and Exynos devices. You can use it to remove FRP and other useful corrective measures. The softwares gets updates occasionally and is so indispensable.

Miracle Box Loader by GSM X TeamGoogle Account FRP Unlock with Miracle Box thunder

Miracle Box Loader by GSM X Team and many others from them, see link to their softwares. The guys over there are doing great stuff with licensed paid cracked varieties of softwares you can ever think of for a token compare to what you stand to benefit. Due to some betrayal, one of their cracked version 2.82 key was leaked and this led to a give away of that version which is still working fine at the time of writing this piece.

Aside the softwares listed above, you could also find these others useful also.

  1. Samsung Smart Switch, see details here
  2. Cm2 Cr@cked
  3. GSM Alladin 
  4. Miracle Thunder Digital edition (Premium) and more…

More details on these later.

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