Tecno L8 Network Problem Solution

So you are hunting for your Tecno L8 network problem solution right? Welcome to your solution hub anyway. I know how it feels like when you try to put a call through difficult situation like when you are experiencing phone network problem! This may occur in different dimensions. Sometimes the network gets stable, another second it disappears into thin air, then later the call gets through, then when you are about to say hello…. then the network is gone and then you feel like smashing the phone on the wall right?

In this article “Tecno L8 Network Problem Solution”, bear in mind that it applies to all the variants of this model like the L8 lite, L8 Plus as well as many other android phones, but to be specific we are dealing with the Tecno L8 in particular, so enjoy trying out this piece of solution for free. Below are some areas you should be looking at before fixing your phone’s network problem:

Possible Causes of Network Problem

    • Hard fall on the floor or into liquid substance
    • Damaged antena, network cable 
    • Bad network circuit in primary or secondary (sub) panel

Like I said earlier on, this article is focused on Tecno L8 in particular. The diagram I have presented here shows you how it works real good and that you can give it a try if its applicable to your case. The problem with the phone in this diagram got me stressed up until I spotted it where I least expected though not strange. It actually wasn’t having any network issue until I changed the sub circuit or panel if you like. I noticed after observing for a while that the new sub circuit doesn’t have network but the old one does get network on.

The reason I had to change the entire sub was because I needed to get the phone’s mouthpiece working. If you observe the sub, you will notice that a few other things depend on it to work, e.g mouthpiece, ringer, vibrator, and the network section. So to fix the problem, I had to tweak the new sub panel just to push my way through which I did anyway. So, take a look at the solution and give it a try in similar situations. Sometimes, the problem could be a chip level repair like others you will learn about aside the Tecno L8 network problem solution under consideration. 

Tested Tecno L8 No Network Solution

To Do this as seen in the diagram, locate all the tiny resistors and caps you see on the sub circuit and remove them all and do the jumper. Remember that the new sub you buy from the store comes with this problem of incompatibility that necessitate this jumper alright?Tecno L8 Network Problem Solution Tecno L8 Network Problem Solution

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